About the Artist



Certified Professional Photographer | Graphic Designer | Foodie

My Story

On the streets of Boston, I found myself drawn to photography. I wanted to capture the reality of the town, but in a way that preserved its beauty and the moments a city like this held. I wanted to photograph the moments that escaped the eyes of people and hold those occurences in time so anyone and everyone could see the emotion preserved in that portrait. Photography is an art form that is about expression and making an image so strong, you can experience its emotion as soon as you see it. Ever since then, I never stopped taking photos of the raw emotion, the candid moments of people that once moved me for the very first time under Bostons city lights.

The House Mission

Our mission is to deliver those very same strong moments to you, as if they were my own. Willow and Birch Photography understands a portrait is not a timeline: it is not meant to document dates. A portrait is your and your family’s story that should document what your family is, and what your family means to you. Our company takes the time to understand your eccentricities, the uniqueness of every family member, and makes sure those personalities come through in the portrait. We find this job a labor of love to provide to you a unique emblem that can be passed down for generations: a symbol of your family’s legacy.

My Services

Willow and Birch Photography offers services in the Crofton and all around Maryland area. We specialize in newborn and family photography. Children are a gift, so let me take those moments and preserve them for you: they are all grown up before you know it!