High School Senior Portraits

Well, it’s that time! You’re going to be a high school senior and about to take on the world. You’re probably looking at colleges wondering what you want to major in (Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know until AFTER I graduated :/ ). You’re getting prepared by taking tests and getting your yearbook in order. The yearbook is a very important piece of your life. You may not know it yet, but this is something you’ll cherish with your family forever. Now, everyone knows about getting that cap and gown shot done, booooorrrrriiiiinnngggg. You come to us for the REAL experience. We have a team of hair and makeup professionals at our disposal to get you looking high fashion in no time. You come to us to feel glamorous and exclusive. Willow and Birch Photography in Gambrills, MD provides you a luxurious and unforgettable experience when it comes to taking your senior portraits. You’ll feel and, most importantly, LOOK like a star. Check us out!